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Nanovery is developing nanorobots to diagnose the world’s deadliest diseases.

£ 133 bn

the global market size

of companion diagnostics

for cancer alone



the predicted increase

in incidence of cancer over the next 20 years

the number of deaths caused by cancer in 2018 according to World Health Organization

9 600 000

We are collaborating with renowned academic and clinical partners, giving us access

to thousands of patient samples and a proprietary dataset.

Recent advances have enabled early detection of cancers with just a blood sample, but this can still take 2 weeks. Cancer diagnoses using scans and tissue biopsy are slow, expensive and risky for patients. With the advancement of liquid biopsy, patients can be screened or diagnosed with just a blood sample, but this technique is still slow and expensive as it relies on PCR and sequencing.

Detecting cancer from a blood sample is still too slow

We are creating a point-of-care solution that is 10× cheaper and 100× faster

Our nanorobots are added to blood samples. When they capture a cancer biomarker they light up, allowing point-of-care testing. As there is no need for high capital expenditure, our nanorobots are 10 times cheaper. The whole process is also more than 100 times faster – a matter of one or two hours rather than weeks – as there is no need for complex lab protocols which require bioinformaticians to analyse the data.

Traditional research


DNA computing and nanotech


$5,000 / test

$500 / test

1 -2 hours

The ability to detect new cancer mutations thanks to Nanovery AI





1-2 weeks


DNA from cancer cells is circulating in the bloodstream.

How does nanorobot work?

Nanorobots are introduced into the blood sample.

Each nanorobot looks for a specific cancer DNA mutation, similar to a "search function”.

After 1-2 hours nanorobot lights up if it found the right target.

Using AI, Nanovery is able to design new nanorobots capable of targeting new cancer mutations.






Contact us

Dr Jerzy Kozyra

Founder of Nanovery